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  1. Our wedding DJs play Mulberry House in Essex twice in a week!

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    The last weekend in March and first in April saw two of our super Disco Wed wedding DJs play at lovely Mulberry House in Chipping Ongar, Essex. First up was Paddy, play for Alex & Alison, who booked our DJ only option after meeting us at one of our very first wedding shows and then coming along to one of our parties at the Book Club. It was a busy day for Disco Wed! Jason was playing at the Barbican Centre, whilst Gaz and I had already installed one of our DJ only set-ups at the Saffron Hotel in Saffron Walden, before heading to Blake Hall, just down the road from Mulberry House, where Gaz was playing so by the time I arrived at Mulberry House I was onto my third set-up of the morning! It’s a lovely, well located venue being on the outskirts of Chipping Ongar, halfway between...

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  2. First Disco Wed wedding DJ at Fennes Estate, Essex

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    I met Nick and Gemma at a wedding fair in Cambridge in early October, at which point they told me it was very early days in their engagement and their wedding was a long way off. So, to say I was surprised when I got a call a couple of weeks later asking if I was available on 15th December to play at Fennes Estate would be an understatement! Being the sister venue of Parklands – which is pretty much my ‘local’ – I was delighted to find I was free, particularly as I’d not been to Fennes yet and was keen to see it. I met Gemma and Nick for a second time one evening at their house, where Nick claimed to like ‘weird’ music and Gemma not to be a huge music fan at all. After a good chat though, we established a few tunes they both...

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  3. Our wedding DJs take the indoor Disco Shed to Parklands, Essex

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    Parklands, or Quendon Hall, is very close to Saffron Walden, and so virtually my ‘local’ wedding venue, but until now I have never had the opportunity to DJ there. I’d visited an open day once though and been struck by what an impressive place it is, on the edge of the beautiful Essex village of Quendon set about a mile down a private road, making it all the more striking when it finally looms into view! Mags had seen one of our adverts in a wedding magazine, and got in touch asking me to meet her and Dan to discuss our wedding DJ services. I headed down to meet them at their house one evening in early summer to chat about their wedding music and go through our different options – though it turned out that Mags already had her heart set on our indoor Disco Shed! The wedding was...

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  4. Disco Wed wedding DJs at Ingatestone Hall, Essex

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    Andy and Emma attended a wedding show at Ingatestone Hall, where Disco Wed was exhibiting our super wedding DJ services! They had already booked a rock & roll band, and told me they were planning to fill the gaps when they weren’t playing with an iPod playlist. Now, with so many terrible wedding DJs around, and the need to manage a budget, I understand why people also choose to retain control of the music by taking the iPod route, but it’s a real bugbear of mine! Not because it means less work for us, as I don’t mind losing work to other DJs or to bands at all. Instead, my experience of iPod parties is that they can really lack atmosphere – slow fade-outs and the gaps between the songs can be a real party pooper, the volumes of songs varies all over the place, low bit-rate mp3s sound...

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  5. Gilwell Park Scout camp with a Disco Wed wedding DJ

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    Nicola and Sean were looking for a wedding DJ when they attended a fair at which I was exhibiting on a snowy day at Gilwell Park in Chingford, where they were also getting married. We had a good chat at the show and when they returned to my stand before heading home I thought there was a good chance they would book us! And happily, that turned out to be the case… We exchanged a few emails after the show and I arranged to meet Sean and Nicky again at their flat in London, ironically after another wedding show at a different venue! We had a great chat about music, it turned out were huge music fans who went to an unbelievable number of gigs between them! That a couple are really into their music is always a reassuring discovery, which might sound daft but it’s amazing how many...

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  6. Wedding DJ at Layer Marney Tower, Essex

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    We met Ian and Caroline at a wedding fair, and they subsequently booked us to be their wedding DJ, opting for our DJ only set-up. This was the first trip to Layer Marney Tower in Essex for Disco Wed and I’d been looking forward to seeing the place in the flesh, as it were. I’d seen brochures for the venue at various tourist information spots – it looks spectacular and it bills itself as one of the country’s most dramatic buildings. It was built in tudor times and visited by both Henry VIII and Elizabeth I (look, I was a history student so I like this stuff, ok?! 😎 ) and more recently by lovely Fiona Bruce and the Antique’s Roadshow team. If buildings could talk, then no doubt Layer Marney would share a tale or two with Henry Sandon about the good old days then visibly reel in...

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  7. A Disco Wed hip-hop wedding DJ at Stock Brook Country Club, Essex

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    This was a really enjoyable wedding, another one we got in a flurry of bookings from wedding shows we attended in the spring… In fact Graham and Jessica pretty much booked us right there and then for this one, which had never happened before – so much as I don’t enjoy attending wedding shows I guess this shows that they work! After a last minute change of date and venue I found myself at Stock Brook Country Club – home of a 27 hole championship golf course near Billericay in Essex. Now I’m no golfer but if I was I can imagine it’s a nice place to play! I’m not usually much of a fan of golf clubs as venues, but this place is very well equipped as a sports centre and as a venue for events too. They have several rooms for weddings and functions which were all...

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