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Indoor Disco Shed

Indoor Disco Shed

Only needing as much space as our Disco Wed DJ option, this is our portable, flat pack indoor version of the Disco Shed, as seen at club nights around the country.


  • Set up and hire of the Indoor Disco Shed
  • Bespoke Disco Shed animals and gnomes, hanging baskets and associated paraphernalia and decor
  • Transport, travel and all labour
  • Sound system and all DJ equipment
  • Disco lights, 2 uplights* and all stands
  • Evening DJ set

* We can supply additional uplights at a cost of £10 per unit, ask for more details!

Indoor Disco Shed footprint


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  • ADD-ONS: Including early set-up / all-day service, visuals & festival light show, extra up lights and more.

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