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Popular, credible & classic wedding music, or anything from Abba to Zappa our specialist wedding DJs can play it all!

If you’re after a naff old fashioned wedding DJ, then this is the wrong place. Disco Wed DJs pack out dance floors at all sorts of cool events, from huge festivals to club nights and of course, wedding receptions! So if you love music, and would like something a bit more credible from your wedding DJ, we can help!

We have a contemporary approach to DJing, meaning we don’t talk over all the songs (though we’re very happy to make announcements), instead we use our technical skills and read the crowd to build a flowing, seamless set of great party music. We find this keeps people on the dancefloor instead of walking off as soon as their song is finished and something completely different comes on.

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We enjoy working with you to make sure you get exactly the right sort of music. So, you can send us over a playlist, we can provide you with a playlist to choose from, or you can just trust us to play you a smashing wedding set.

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For the more adventurous we even have an option where we get the guests to play the music themselves – because of our shed associations we call this our DIY disco! It’s great fun but takes some organising before hand so drop us a line and we’ll explain how it works…

Meanwhile, have a look through a sample playlist or download some half hour mixes all recorded live at weddings and check out how we sound.

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