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  1. Disco Wed wedding DJs at Ingatestone Hall, Essex

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    Andy and Emma attended a wedding show at Ingatestone Hall, where Disco Wed was exhibiting our super wedding DJ services! They had already booked a rock & roll band, and told me they were planning to fill the gaps when they weren’t playing with an iPod playlist. Now, with so many terrible wedding DJs around, and the need to manage a budget, I understand why people also choose to retain control of the music by taking the iPod route, but it’s a real bugbear of mine! Not because it means less work for us, as I don’t mind losing work to other DJs or to bands at all. Instead, my experience of iPod parties is that they can really lack atmosphere – slow fade-outs and the gaps between the songs can be a real party pooper, the volumes of songs varies all over the place, low bit-rate mp3s sound...

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