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Archive: Nov 2012

  1. Pangdean Barn, East Sussex disco delicious wedding DJs and indoor shed

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    Ronan and Clara booked the indoor Disco Shed for their wedding at Pangdean Barn, near Brighton, East Sussex. We didn’t manage to meet before the big day but it turned out they had partied with the Disco Shed at many a festival, so were pleased when they discovered we did weddings and already had a good idea what to expect of us! Pangdean Barn is a lovely venue with a proper rustic feel – lots of exposed wood, and a particularly impressive beamed ceiling, perfect surroundings for our indoor shed set up! The venue had a stage at one end of the room, on which the shed set up would look great. I wanted to be ready well before the guests arrived, and with a band arriving at the same time, we had to work quickly around each other. The band were to be playing during a barn dance...

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  2. Disco Wed DJs at Ickworth House, Suffolk wedding

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    Jeremy and Gillian got married on a beautiful day at the incredible Ickworth House, near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk and asked Disco Wed to provide their wedding DJ. If you want to impress your guests then you could do a lot worse than choose this National Trust property. Gillian had seen the Disco Shed in action at Latitude Festival so had an idea of what to expect from us and booked our Disco Wed DJ option. We’d exchanged a few emails outlining her plans for the day, which involved me playing music during the ceremony, a drinks reception downstairs on the terrace, the meal and of course for the disco. Another full day then! I arrived in the morning, and was grateful to find a lift as the main room was on the second floor. I set up in the corner of the room, whilst couple of Gillian’s...

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  3. London Canal Museum Disco Wed wedding DJ

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    I had a great time playing for John & Katie at the London Canal Museum in Kings Cross. Not knowing the venue, I popped in whilst in town a week or so before the big day. It’s a great place, spread across two floors and backing onto the Regent’s Canal. As I looked around, I actually jumped as a replica horse neighed just as I passed it! I’ve always been nervous around horses, even fake ones it seems! As a working museum, and open until 5pm I was intrigued as to how it would work as a wedding venue. But, whilst the guests enjoyed a champagne reception and the speeches downstairs, the staff set about clearing out the exhibits upstairs and setting up the tables for the meal and I set up our DJ only option at the same time. Despite not actually meeting we’d had a few phone...

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  4. London’s Chigwell Hall Disco Wed Wedding DJ

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    I met Emily and her Mum at the Chigwell Hall wedding fayre in the spring, which took place in their enormous marquee outside the hall. After a good chat in which we explained our services, Emily left to have a look around the rest of the show, before returning a few minutes later and pretty much booked our wedding DJ only option there and then! She’d been considering booking a band to play during the afternoon so was particularly pleased to hear we offered to play music all day as part of the service! Emily and her partner David sent a brief playlist of tunes over before the wedding, which showed off their indie leanings – which I looked forward to playing, being something of an indie kid at heart myself – along with with some more crooner-y classics for the daytime. On the day itself, I arrived well...

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