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We finally launch our wedding DJ services on Instagram!

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Yes indeed – the news you’ve been waiting for! We have finally launched our wedding DJ services on Instagram! Stop the clocks, ring your Mum and tweet your pals to mark this moment!

Ok, so we’re not great at the whole social media thing, let’s put that down to being busy with DJing at weddings, festivals and our club nights too, and over the last four years having children to look after too! It’s a surprisingly hard life being a wedding DJ!

But we’ve always enjoyed browsing the wedding blogs and fully appreciate what a great resource they are for couples seeking inspiration for their big day, this goes for Instagram too. The quality of most of the wedding photographers we work with is rarely anything other than properly brilliant these days too, and their stunning images of fantastic looking weddings light up the internet.

However, weirdly, the quality of the pictures online, compared to what we can muster whilst we’re also DJing has been a big factor putting us off! We take great pride in our appearance when we DJ at weddings – we use lovely, unique and bespoke DJ stands and set-ups and always dress appropriately for a wedding. And because we’re proper DJs, we tend to concentrate on mixing tunes and building a brilliant wedding DJ set for our couples – so we don’t end up taking many pictures whilst we’re DJing!

Finally, it’s actually really hard to get truly good pictures of people partying with just a smartphone camera! It’s really frustrating when they don’t quite capture the amazing vibe you’re witnessing in front of you! Plus we think it’s intrusive to take too many pictures at someone else’s private party, which contradicts our professional approach to wedding DJing.

So, we figured people didn’t need to see repetitious photos of our lovely set-ups in different locations, and blurry pictures of people having the times of their lives whilst we DJed for them – instead we’d step back and let the professionals do their job of making weddings look amazing whilst we make them sound incredible.

UNTIL NOW! After so many people kept asking us why we weren’t on Instagram, saying they wanted to tag us, we realised how silly we were being, and so we’ve finally given in and joined the fun! We’re still not great at posting very regularly but are trying to improve! And we’re not just posting endless wedding photos too, so you can get some truly fascinating* insights into what makes us tick here at Disco Wed.

Anyway, please follow us at, and for the next short while we’re even running an Instagram only discount. So there you go!


The Disco Wed instagram feed.

* highly debatable

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