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New Year thank you from Disco Wed wedding DJs

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Happy New Year everyone! As we leave 2013 behind us we thought we’d look back on what was an incredible, busy year for Disco Wed and our super wedding DJs.

Here are some of the reasons why we’ve been neglecting our blog over the past few months!

Flower bullet During a truly chock-a-block 2013, we entertained literally thousands of people at:

  • 15 Disco Shed club nights (and countless others organised by our team of DJs)
  • 12 private parties
  • 8 festivals
  • on 1 TV programme
  • 158 weddings or civil ceremonies


Flower bullet Those weddings took place at:

  • 135 venues

Flower bullet And were played by:

  • 19 brilliant Disco Wed DJs (there’s even more at the festivals and club nights!)

Flower bullet Our different booking options were used the following number of times:

  • Disco Shed – 12
  • Indoor Shed – 52
  • DJ only set-up – 114

Flower bullet The following number of people were kind enough to take time to send us:

Flower bullet We were featured on:

  • 8 wedding blogs
  • 1 national radio station
  • 1 widely available free London newspaper

Flower bullet And finally to top it all off, Disco Wed’s head Paddy had:

  • 1 baby

Phew! So finally, 1 BIG THANK YOU for all the support and the good times over the past 12 months. Here’s hoping for a brilliant 2014!


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