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Tom & Sarah

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One word Jason…..AWESOME!!!!

We are back from a few days away and we are still completely buzzing from our wedding a whole week ago!!!  Thankyou SO much for being a huge part of making it the best day/night of our lives. My feet have only just stopped hurting because it was just awesome tune after awesome tune!!! I didn’t want to leave the dancefloor, and it would seem neither did most of our guests. We have had so many comments about the music and how perfectly timed it all was, we even had a few guests saying its the best night that they can remember for a very long time!! The photos say it all as we could hardly move on the dancefloor at some points!!

Also, thankyou so much for being there for us all day and doing the music for the ceremony. It was a very long day for you and we are very grateful (although if you hadn’t have been so good, the dancing would have stopped much earlier than 2am, so you can only blame yourself really!!!!!)

Anyway, I know that you are very busy, we just wanted to say thankyou, and also to let you know that we will be recommending you at every available opportunity!!

Thanks again,

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