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Sonia Stringer

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Hi Paddy, Libby and Gaz!
The feedback I am getting from my friends regarding you guys is just fab!!  Its such a unique idea which you should be really proud of!  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with how my party went and I really do hold you lot responsible! Your personalities just shine through the shed and the result is happy magic! I genuinely feel gutted that it is all over, its one night I will never forget. My folks were really pleased to meet you, I don’t think they really knew what to expect when I told them what I was planning, but they were very taken with you all and your set up! Woz and I are so upset not to be going to Latitude – I reckon it would have been perfect this weekend to have a three day cider session to chill out and relax! You better be there next year!!!!
I’m sure your gnomes will pass me by again, hope you all take lots of care and have soooo much fun at Latitude whatever the weather! Please have a pear cider for us!
Lots of Love,

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