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Sam & Amy

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Hi Paddy,

How you been? I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding a few weeks back, it was great to finally get to meet you.

The day went so fast for both me and Amy with many a happy memory with one of the highlights being walking into the main room and seeing the Shed all set up. It was great watching our guest’s walk in to see that it wasn’t going to be the same old boring wedding DJ set up.

Honestly it was a real pleasure choosing you as our DJ for the night. You took away a lot of stress and made me feel immediately at ease with something that I thought would be a painful experience, one where I was concerned that I would get ripped off from.

I always respect people who are honest and I knew I made the right choice when we had the conversation over the phone about getting value for money and you gave me the option to not do the all day service if we didn’t need it.

So massive respect for that as it would of been easy to think sod that he’s paid for it so tough. Mate If ever our path’s cross again the beers are on me, seriously I know you do a few nights around London so I’ll keep my eyes open…( I mean that in a non-weird way)

All the best,

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