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Rahul & Abby

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Sorry it’s been so long to write you a thank–you but hope it finds you suitably well. The Wedding was absolutely awesome, as near perfect and more, than we ever could have planned. I walked about a lot in awe, and really couldn’t get my head around the fact that it was my wedding – And that was just the daytime!

I’d been worrying about the music for months – about finding ways I could have the things that I wanted played, finding someone who understood, and had almost lost hope. To be honest, when I heard you were coming, I was really pleased but didn’t really know what you were going to play…

In the End…

My Father played a blinding set and then you came on and seriously took over the night… Just so perfect, better that I’d even had in my head – everything I wanted played without me even asking, exceptional mixing and you guys were entertaining and lovely afterwards. I know it’s not your normal set but you could take the Nextmen any day ( If you wanted to!)

So really, just thank you Thank you for the tunes and rockin’ my wedding, thank-you for helping me put the needles on the records ( which I was really struggling with late–on) and thanks for staying up talking shit with us on what was easily the best day of my life ( a large part thanks to you).

Such brilliant memories…

We’ll be at the Big Chill 2 weeks today and will totally be at the Disco Shed (for the first time). Please send us the times when you’re playing because a whole bunch of the wedding party want to come and see you again. We’ve got about 20–30 of us coming and as you know, it’s the place where me and Abby met!

Also, I have several people who have bought tickets for the Big Chill purely to see you again after your wedding set ( Seriously!)

I know some of this may sound OTT, but we’re so grateful and you really do deserve the praise that we’ve been getting from people relentlessly over the past 2 months.

Thanks and see you in 2 weeks,

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