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Pete & Joe

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Hi guys,

It just occurred to me that we left no feedback about our wedding DJ – Dom – from 31st of May at the London Museum of Water and Steam.

Just wanted to say that your service was top notch and music SO good! The floor was filled with people dancing all night, singing along and having a great time, could not have asked for a more perfect playlist; everyone there felt included with the vast range of non-cheese music and we cannot thank you guys enough!
The lighting rig was cool too; it was neat that they were moving in time to music (and even to the sound of the steam engine running before!).
Dom – it looked like you were enjoying the evening too and it was appreciated by the guests that you were also taking requests! Everyone said after how great the music was.
Thanks for restoring our faith in wedding music… you’ve proved it doesn’t have to be cheese! We’ll be sure to pass on your details to anyone in need of a DJ!
Best wishes,
Pete & Joe

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