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Paul & Chloe

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Dear Paddy,

Thank you so much for bringing the Disco Shed experience to our wedding! It was definitely a highlight in a very highlight-filled last year. You’re an excellent person!

Everything from our initial contact, our ridiculously detailed Skype/email discussions about music preferences (which you didn’t scoff at once, amazingly – that’s pretty heroic), the day itself, has been a real pleasure.

The mics for the speeches were a huge help, and having the audio to keep forever is priceless. We were also so happy with the evening set – you tailored it to us and our guests brilliantly. We were particularly pleased by the fact that you threw in our second choice of first dance song at the end of the evening when we’d had such trouble deciding between Nina and Van. The surprise rap-medley late in the evening was also hilarious: I’ve always thought everyone must love Snoop as much as I do – and now I know it! I’m also not sure how you managed to be on such good form for the whole day – did you head back home that evening? I’m not sure we even said goodbye properly… the whole day was a bit of a blur.

Please find attached a few photos from the day we thought you might like.

You might also like to know that you’re credited on the German wedding blog Hochzeitswahn, which featured our wedding:

Warm wishes,

Paul & Chloe

Paul & Chloe

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All pics © 2013 Ann-Kathrin Koch

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