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Nicky Percy

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Hi Harry,

I hope you are well. I hope you are well. I am so very very sorry it has taken so long for me to write this email… We had 2 honeymoons(ish) a few weeks apart – camping in the UK & Oman…

Anyhow… this email is just to say a very big enormous thank you for doing such a smashing job of DJing at our Wedding at Wasing Park on the 19th July. I have to say that you really had a tall order on your hands with Mark and I being such a picky music lovers (of slightly different eras!!). I’m not sure if you know, but we both went to see the Disco Shed team in action in London prior to our wedding and that certainly convinced us that you were the right guys for the job.

As for the tunes on the big day, seriously Harry you were fantastic. Our guests couldn’t believe the music had to end – everyone was having such a fabulous time letting their hair down and it is all thanks to you. EVERY track was such a classic we all didn’t stop dancing (and there are photies to prove it!). Mark and I also loved the fact that you were so very kind to the kids at the event – showing them how to mix tracks etc, and generally keeping them amused – not part of your job description but you did a great job.

Finally… thanks for managing to work the very complicated slide show and play our ‘last dance’ at the end – we loved it! So… it’s all over now. But Mark and I keep on trying to think of an event where we could hire you again in the future! We’ll find some excuse if we can !!!

Thanks a million again

Kind regards

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