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Michael & Emily

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Hi Paddy, Greg,

Thank you and Greg for all your help. Paddy – from the get go you’ve been great sorting everything and also for having Greg as one of your DJs.

Greg – genuinely you were fantastic. Not only did me and Em love it but I’ve had so many people (young & old) message me to say how great you were. Ending on 21seconds was one of my highlights of the day! My only regret is that you had such a short set and we couldn’t have you for longer. On a serious note, do you do wedding anniversaries? Although I don’t get another wedding day I do get lots of those…

Guys, if you need a testimonial (from the looks of things you’re doing okay) I’m here ready to send something your way.

Thank you so much, you really do have something special going on over there!


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