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Mat & Katy Lumsden

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I was thrilled when I chanced across the Disco Shed: I had thought walking the line between cheesy floor–fillers with mass appeal, and more up–to–date music with an edge of cool would be difficult. The Disco Shed Crew pulled it off in style – cool tunes with a good dollop of fun.

They do have all the usual wedding go–to tunes, but due to a lifetime of crate–digging Paddy and Co. also have a lot of rare disco, early reggae, quality soul and if your party’s headed that way, hip–hop mash ups. Definitely in another league to the usual guff you get at weddings.

Furthermore, the Disco Shed Crew are just thoroughly nice people: they work hard to give you what you want and deliver it with a smile. On our wedding day they really went the extra mile: Paddy sorted out the Best Man’s technical issues with his presentation, and even found time to teach my nephew (aged 13) how to DJ. Priceless: the Disco Shed made the atmosphere at our wedding.

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