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Harri & Al

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Hi Aldo & Paddy,

Aldo – thanks so much for an awesome set!!! Praise You was an absolute touch as a last tune.. when everyone got on the floor my heart pretty much exploded with love.  🙂
And thanks for those kind words- we told you we wanted a rave and thankfully our friends didn’t disappoint. Just so sad we can’t do it all over again this weekend.
If you have any other pics then please send them this way!
We have some exciting news too.. we’re going to be featured on the Rock & Roll bride blog! So great exposure (not that you need it) for Disco Wed. Will keep you posted on feature dates.
Getting in Disco Wed was some of the best money we spent on the whole day. Every tune was a banger and Aldo was an absolute delight. Thank you SOOOOO much!
Cheers both!
Huge love. xxx

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