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Guy & Andrea

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Hi Paddy,

Hope Simon doesn’t mind me doing this but just wanted to say how bloody awesome he was last weekend!

Despite them closing the A1 (disaster!) he got set up, helped our friend do a sound check, seamlessly coped with a last minute change of plan for some wayward entry music and did a perfect job on the first dance and the marquee.

The highlight though, was the way he absolutely destroyed the rave cave, the whole place was jumping and at times it was hard to tell whether we’d accidentally stumbled into Fabric rather than a wedding venue. Almost every guest we’ve seen since has remarked how great he was and I think I’ve given your details out to at least 3 different potential clients!

His positive attitude on getting stuff done was invaluable and what really made it all ultimately so successful so thanks Simon!

We could not have been happier with the result so thanks to both of you for the whole experience.

I’ll send you a picture of the rave cave when I get one through as it was truly a sight to behold!

Guy x

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