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Dewi & Lisa

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Hi Paddy

We wanted to express our thanks for an amazing wedding!

Aldo Vanucci DJ’ed at our wedding in Hereford on the 16th May 2015.

We are so grateful for the very personal service we received. The wedding was like no other, and just what we wanted.

From our first conversation with Aldo we realised he knew exactly what we wanted, and obviously seemed to share many of our musical tastes. I’m not sure if this was a delibarate pairing of wedding couple and DJ, but it worked so well.

As the night progressed the music got dirtier and dirtier, in the nicest possible, drum and bass, kind of way!

But this was exactly what the clientele wanted on the night!

We have had many many comments after the wedding about the music, and a few musical converts! There was also an appreciation that what we actually got was a club night, and an actual DJ, not a tacky wedding DJ. Clearly we knew this to be the case from the start. But I think the quality of the DJ’ing on the night took some of our guests by surprise, and went down very well indeed.

The concept of Disco Wed is inspired! We would have no hesitation recommending Disco Wed to other wedding couples. The right sorts of wedding couples, with individual musical tastes. People who like real music.

Once again a massive thank you from us both! The night wouldn’t have been quite the same without Disco Wed in tow!

Dewi & Lisa

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Hey Aldo

I know we’ve already expressed our thanks by phone, but we wanted to follow things up with an email to say how great the music was at our wedding!

So many people have commented on the music after the wedding. 

My older brother, traditionally a heavy metal fan (although into all sorts) was on the phone the other night asking if I could recall some of the tracks for him to download. You seem to have converted him into a DnB fan!

He seemed to like to heavier stuff (unsurprising!) like knife party. I cannot believe you played knife party. We joked about this between ourselves before the wedding, but didn’t mention it, because, let’s face it is quite dirty music and thought it might be too heavy……….but SO right for the clientelle on the night!!

In fact we wondered if you had a playlist you could send us as we’d like to compile the tunes ourselves. Or was it a fluid composition on the night?

We’ve also had a chance to listen to your single; Epic track, we like very much. A good summery DnB track.

All in all the whole night was just right for us. There were some proper characters on the dance floor!

We will send a testimonal to Paddy also, but feel free to forward this email as well!

We would have no hesitation recommending Disco Wed, but obviously as we’ve discussed, to the right sorts of wedding couples, the kind of couples who like real music and are individual in their tastes, rather than the typical wedding fare!

Once again, a massive thank you for setting the scene just just right!

All the best

Dewi & Lisa Eden

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