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With everything from Abba to Zappa, whatever music you’re into – be it indie, rock & roll, motown, soul, funk, disco, house, garage, hip-hop, pop, 60s, 70s, 80s or cutting edge electronica and dance music – we’ve got it covered! And we’re always happy for you to provide us with a wedding playlist anyway – we can usually track down anything we don’t already own.

But as a DJ, it’s not uncommon to be asked ‘what have you got?’ – so here goes…

Adding a list of over 40,000 songs (which still doesn’t include all our vinyl or CDs!) to this page would probably break the website, so instead please download a spreadsheet which contains all the tunes! That said, obviously this list became out of date the moment we uploaded it as we’re updating our library all the time.

The first sheet is sorted alphabetically by song, the second by artists but we recommend you find songs and artists by searching for them as browsing through it could soon make your eyes go square! But if a tune you want isn’t on the list, no problem! Let us know what you want and we’ll make sure we have it on the big day!


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